Why Bluehost Stands Out As The Leading Hosting Provider

There’s a sea of hosting service providers out there, and picking the right one to suit your requirements might be challenging given your level of experience. Along with that, it’s really crucial for your website’s success. Getting your hosting account with a reliable service provider right away will save you a lot time and effort spent on trial-and-error which could have cost you business. And that’s my objective for posting the following review on a leading hosting provider – BlueHost Web Hosting.
The following piece of text could be the best BlueHost review you’ve read in a while. And, here are the reasons why I’ve been recommending them to my friends and colleagues:

Heavy and Reliable On The Software Side

They support a large variety of softwares that users might use to build their blog or websites such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Tikiwiki, Coppermine, along with the most popular open-source eCommerce applications (like OS Commerce, Cube Cart, Zen Cart , Agora etc.) – all of which can be installed with just a click. (Use this guide on How to Create a Blog for any help with setting up your blog or website on Bluehost) In addition to this, there’s no need to worry about security, given their SSL secure server, the openPGP encryption and the password-protected directories.

Customer Support Is Second To None

If you have been looking for reviews on top hosting providers, it’s quite probable that you have noticed many webmasters raving about the top-notch customer support by Blue Host across the 3 channels – phone, email and live chat. It’s no surprise that a lot of experienced professionals in the industry regard it as the best customer experience with the hosting provider. Siteground is also famous for its customer support. Here is the best Siteground discount offer on the web – Coupon Siteground

Blue host Hosting – A Good Option For Professional Blogging

Bluehost has been recommended multiple times by some of the leading bloggers like Blog Tyrant, Pat Flynn and even blogging superstars like Darren Rowse. BlueHost has a large fan base of bloggers who just keep digging its quality of service. Given the Bluehost discount and the software called Fantastico (under cPanel), you can set up a WordPress blog in just a couple of minutes, and be up and running with a brand-new customized blog of your own. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try out Bluehost for hosting your next blog, be it a business blog getting thousands of hits per day, or just a personal blog – there’s a high chance you’ll really be satisfied.

Affordable Pricing

Bluehost has priced its hosting plans in such a way that you never have to pay for anything more than you need. If you need to host only a single website, you can join their started plan. If your requirement is of more than one website, you could choose to go with a higher plan. You always have the option to upgrade to a higher level plan, so may start with a basic plan and upgrade as your website needs more resources. If you use this Bluehost Discount Code, you can buy their hosting at just $2.95 a month. This is very cheap for the quality service that they bring to the table. One webhost that has more competitive pricing is Godaddy with its $1 per month hosting and $0.99 for a year domain registration price. Even for domain renewals, Go daddy provides some good coupons. Check out this Godaddy renewal coupon for huge savings.

Higher Uptime Than Other Hosting Providers

Some of the other hosting providers promise hundred percent uptime. However, after having experienced frequent downtimes with the most well-known hosting providers in the industry, I have switched to Bluehost hosting for all my blogs and websites. I’ve noticed uptime well over 99% most of the time, which is much higher than the industry’s standard. They achieve this by means of 24×7 network monitoring, diesel generator support and UPS power backup. I’ve never looked back ever since, given their rock solid commitment to maintenance and uptime.

Bluehost Competition

Several web hosts have flooded the market the in the last decade. But Media Temple continues to present itself as Bluehost’s greatest competitor in wordpress and cloud hosting space. It is favoured by webmasters as a strong, reliable hosting provider with best in class technology. Here is the best Mediatemple Promo Code that our site visitors can use. Another good option is fastest wordpress a2 hosting.

Final Thoughts

Bluehost happens to be the most reliable hosting service provider I’ve seen, given their 15+ years of experience in the industry. Additionally, Bluehost pricing is quite affordable as well, and a Bluehost coupon to get you started at only $2.95. Apart from my good personal experience with Blue Host, I’ve seen a lot of professionals in my network switching to them and never looking back. Their impeccable customer support, higher uptime, ease of usage and overall hosting experience surely makes BlueHost worth trying for your next website or blog – and you’ll be glad you did.